We have been nominated again for Best of Springs 2020! Visit the Announcements page


We need your Vote!


We have again been nominated for The Best of the Springs 2020!

Please use the link below to vote! We have been nominated in 23 categories.


1. Bar
2. Bartender (Bobby!) 😂😍
3. Burritos
4. Business Lunch
5. Casual Dining
6. Cheap Eats
7. Chef
8. Enchiladas
9. Gluten Free
10. Green Chile
11. Hidden Gem
12. Huevos Ranchero
13. Lunch Special
14. Margaritas
15. Mexican
16. Restaurant for first Date
17. Restaurant for Kids
18. Restaurant Service
19. Salsa
20. Tacos
21. Tamales
22. Vegan Restaurant
23. Vegetarian Restaurant


From the Padilla Family:


We welcome 🌸América Abigail Padilla🌸 Her due date was July 4th but decided to enter our world on June 24th @12:47pm.  8lbs 7.5oz. We also named her in honor of our son Isaiah, who will leave us for the Marine Corps in November and also after one of my closest cousins.   

Some of you have not seen me around in a while and have graciously asked my family/staff how I am doing. We are enjoying every second with this little blessing! Bobby, myself and Maylene are still cooking everything. Nobody messes with my recipes! I love you all and you will see me around the restaurant very soon.

Thank you for your vote!


We are honored and thankful for your love and support! Our little family-owned business won Best of the Springs 2019! ❤

Best Green Chile

Best Tamales

Experts Pick: Best Family Meal

Best Take Out

Best Casual Dining

Thank you friends! Gracias Amigos!

Arlene's Beans Weather Policy

Arlene's Beans follows District 38 weather/snow related school closure days.  

In the event of a District 38 weather related school closure (entire day) Arlene's Beans will not be open for lunch that day. However, we will be open for dinner!