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About Us


Our Chef and Staff

Arlene was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, by two loving and hard-working Mexican parents who showed her and her siblings how to live as hard-workers with integrity, love and respect for others. She has applied this lifestyle for her own family. Memories as a child was watching her mother serve the best food for any guest or family member who walked into their doors, at any given time. At Arlene's you are not just a customer, you become family. Arlene has converted many of her mother and grandmother's Mexican recipes into her own, with her New Mexican flare. 



What's up with the funky hours?


Sunday: God, Family, Rest.

Monday: Work on at-home duties, Shop, Re-stock and Prepare Arlene’s Beans for the week. 

It is a real, family owned and run business. Whether at home or away, everyone has a duty to fulfill. Everything that is prepared for you at Arlene’s is made from scratch. Her salsas and sauces are natural and gluten-free. Flour or wheat is not used in any of her meats, rice, sauces or salsas. The red and green chile enchilada sauces are also natural and vegan and vegetarian. Red chile pods are cleaned thoroughly. Stems and seeds removed, soaked and cooked to perfection. Roasted green chile is from Hatch, NM and is also cleaned and cooked to Arlene’s liking.

 Arlene and family have lived in Colorado for over 20 years.  Arlene’s beans are natural, purchased from local markets. Dry beans are cleaned to remove any dirt clots and rocks, then soaked and cooked to their creaminess perfection. Canned food is not allowed at Arlene's. No lard is ever used in any of her dishes. Olive oil and canola oils are used to provide you a delicious, healthier, Mexican dish. Arlene is very proud to offer dishes to you and your family as natural and healthy as possible. Everything is made with 100% love, from her family to yours.